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Octavio Anthony Nevis was born in a catholic family of 11 children, he was the youngest of the brothers, since his days of youth he was trained in martial arts and was a street brawler, he got involved in gang wars, extortion, beating up people for the sheer pleasure of seeing their bloodied nose became his hobby, he used to carry button knife in one socks and a Naan Chaku in the other (the weapon used in Judo Karate).

It was the year 1984, when one of his friend shared the life transforming power of Jesus Christ. It was late night on a bus stop when Octavio accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and the Lord Jesus filled and anointed him with His Holy Spirit and he started speaking in tongues, from that moment onwards his life changed completely. He threw the button knife and the naan chaku and held the Bible in his hand and immersed himself in prayer and reading the word of God, for up to 16 hours daily. With the very hands he used to beat up people now with these same hands he prayed for them and God did mighty wonders, healing people who were sick, lame, blind, deaf, and dumb many dieing of cancer and AIDS were healed and millions have been delivered from the bondages of the evil one in the name of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Thus started the ministry of Apostle Octavio Nevis, bringing healing and deliverance to people’s lives, changing lives, transforming them by making them disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, setting the captives free and fearlessly proclaiming the good news even to the point of death.

On May 11th, 1998 Apostle Octavio Nevis was persecuted by the anti-Christ group with the sole motive of killing this servant of God during a healing meeting in Ambernath. He was almost beaten to death with iron rods and tube lights, they even tried to blind him, but it is so true that if God be for us, then who can be against us. His attackers and plotters were dealt a severe blow by God, many of whom are dead but the man of God in spite of being persecuted still stands strong, preaching and saving millions of souls all over the world. Apostle Octavio Nevis’s name is being enrolled in the national list of persecutions of India (people persecuted for Christ). This man of God continues to heal and touch millions of lives by preaching Gods word and bringing glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Serving since 25 years, today he is a well known speaker, a powerful deliverance Minister with sound Biblical doctrine and teaching, travelling across many nations, he is the Founder of Jesus for All Nations Ministry.

Married to Priscilla, now they have 3 sons and 1 daughter, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Uel, he is a very loving father to his 4 children also not forgetting that he is indeed a wonderful spiritual father to many.

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Commanded by God, Apostle Octavio Nevis in 1984 went to Kirkee in pune (about 200 kms from Mumbai) the naissance of the Jesus For All Nations Ministry, in a few months The Lord added to the number of the Church and it grew rapidly, at 22 he was the youngest pastor with the biggest Church with 1200 members in Pune, from planting 3 big Churches in different parts of Pune

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