Preeti Sadan Children’s Home

Preeti Sadan Children’s Home

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, to clothe him and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? ( Isaiah 58:7 )

We take this opportunity to brief you about our orphanage “Preeti Sadan Children’s Home”.

Preeti Sadan Children’s Home is a special project of Jesus for All Nations Church, Regd. No. E-19208 Mumbai, having its registered office at Neighbourhood house, G-1, Sophia Zuber Road, Opp. Nagpada Police Station, Nagpada, Mumbai 400 008, whose founder is Apostle Octavio Nevis.

Preeti Sadan Children’s Home was established with a burden given by God to the Founder Apostle Octavio Nevis to open an orphanage for children who are total orphans ( children without mother and father) by providing them with a loving environment and a nurturing place to call “Home”.

In India girls are at high risk of being forced to enter into flesh trading and are trafficked by agents to carry out wrong jobs, these are sold for money or child labour and many other wrong activities. Keeping this in mind, we at Preeti Sadan Children’s Home take only girls from the age group of 3 years to 8 years of age. We admit them in our orphanage; educate them by sending them to an English Medium High School, shape them mentally, physically and spiritually and help them to become self-dependant and confident.

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Hume Memorial Congregational Church, G-1, Neighbourhood House, Sofia Zuber Road, Opp.Nagpada Police Station, Nagpada, Mumbai- 400 008.

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022-23081070 / 022- 23081071



About JFAN Ministries

Commanded by God, Apostle Octavio Nevis in 1984 went to Kirkee in pune (about 200 kms from Mumbai) the naissance of the Jesus For All Nations Ministry, in a few months The Lord added to the number of the Church and it grew rapidly, at 22 he was the youngest pastor with the biggest Church with 1200 members in Pune, from planting 3 big Churches in different parts of Pune

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