image-1-18-mar-2016This Brother name is Ramsai, he had Arthritis problem from past 40 years after Apostle Prayed for people suffering from Arthritis, Brother Ramsai received the healing and he come to testify the name of the Lord.


Apostle Prayed for People who are suffering from Migraine to Heal and this Brother who had Migraine Problem from last 14years is healed now in Jesus name.


Date: 18th March 2016

image-1-19-mar-2016This Brother Lallulalhad Piles Lump from past 5-6years after Apostle prayed for people suffering from Piles he was healed.


Glory to God for this wonderful testimony of Sister, she had a lump under her armpit and in the breast for past 15years, after Apostle prayed for people with lump & tumor, she was healed.

image-3-19-mar-2016After Apostle prayed for people suffering from Pain in their Spinal cord, this sister who was suffering from Spinal cord problem for past 5 years was healed in the name of Jesus and she testified the mighty name of Jesus.

image-4-19-mar-2016After Apostle prayed for people suffering fromPain in their Spinal cord, this brotherwho was suffering fromSpinal cord problem for past 2 years was healed in the name of Jesus name.

image-5-19-mar-2016This sister had Lump from 2 years in her left side breast, after Apostle prayed for people with lump &tumor She was healed.

image-6-19-mar-2016Sister Premdevi had lump in her armpit from past 5years, after Apostle prayed for people with lump &tumor She was healed in the name of Jesus.

image-7-19-mar-2016Sister Shanti is Pregnant since 5 months, but due to internal bleeding for 3 months doctors suggested to abort the child, but as she attended this Healing meeting she received her healing, her pain was gone in the name of Jesus.

image-8-19-mar-2016All Glory to God, this sister had Arthritis from past 20years, After Apostle prayed for people who suffering from Arthritis, she received healing in Jesus name.

image-9-19-mar-2016This brother met with an accident 5 years ago and because of that the doctors had to put a rod in his right leg because of which he could not bend his right leg and could not fold his legs and sit but as Apostle prayed for people with rods, this brother received his healing in the name of Jesus.


image-10-19-mar-2016This boy could not stand for more than 2 minutes and he was suffering from this problem from past 7 years and as he was prayed on, he was healed in the name of Jesus.


Date: 19th March 2016

My name is Chandan Sumaya, am a businessman dealing with the auto industry, I was a dealer for Skoda cars and am the owner of Kent Cars, my wife Sheral since many years has been a born again Christian and used to always talk about Jesus and going to Church which I was least interested in but she never lost hope and kept praying for me, and she used to say, God speaks through whispers and for those who do not listen to His whispering voice then He uses the Microphone and I guess I was the Microphone lot, in the year 2007, when I was in my office, I suddenly developed fever, still I tarried in the office thinking its just a flu but in the evening when I went home the situation worsened, I started vomiting, I couldn’t recognize anyone, I even couldn’t frame proper sentences, my wife initially thought I was playing a prank but soon understood the gravity of the situation and called for an ambulance but I became very aggressive and they had to tie me down and admitted me to an hospital near by, but seeing my state the doctors there advised my wife to shift me to Bombay Hospital under the supervision of India’s No. 1 Neurologist, as I was diagnosed with Encephalitis of the brain and the infection was very severe, Dr. Singhal. Told my wife that there is no guarantee of life and even if the patient survives he will be a vegetable for life, but my wife knew whom to trust and prayed to Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy and heal me so did the Church members, everyone was praying, my wife called up Ps. Octavio who was in Sri Lanka for a crusade and appraised him of the situation, Ps. Octavio prayed on the phone and said don’t worry this sickness will not result in death but it will bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, but my condition deteriorated and I slipped in to coma, now it had been 14 days I was in hospital and no sign of recovery and all the more the doctors were demoralizing and shredding every hope my wife had, but with the support of Church members everyday in prayer she would renew her faith, on the 14th day when Ps. Octavio landed at the airport at 11 p.m., he directly came to the hospital from the airport and was escorted to the ICU, he laid his hands on me and prayed, broke the powers of darkness and said tomorrow discharge him and take him home, the doctors, nurses and my relatives were shocked with such a statement, how can a man who is in coma and brain dead, not responding to treatment become normal the next day and can be discharged and taken home, infact my brother who is an unbeliever ( I come from a Sindhi religious background) was so infuriated with this statement that pastor made and said, “are you insane ???, how can he become normal the next day ??? to which Ps. Octavio Very politely said, “why are you getting annoyed now, tomorrow I am here, you are here and he is also here, we will see tomorrow, then you say what you want”, after which Ps. Octavio left, the next morning at 5 in the morning I woke up and asked for water, every one was shocked, when my wife came to the hospital she couldn’t believe her eyes, and she asked do you recognize me and I nodded my head, and by afternoon all my support system was off, all the tubes were removed, the Lord Jesus had done a marvelous miracle, everyone was astounded especially the doctors but were not ready to discharge me, they did all their tests again and I was the only patient in the ICU who was walking and talking and first time in the history of the Hospital, a patient had been discharged and gone home directly from the ICU, either the patient goes to the grave or the ward from the ICU but God had different plans now God has made me fit, I go swimming and also started the gym with renewed vigour, once again Lord Jesus Christ displayed His awesome power and every one was left stunned, now my life is for our Lord Jesus, He is my Lord and Saviour and pray that people be more willing to listen to His voice and surrender their lives to Him, or He might have to speak to them through the microphone, but all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and special thanks to my dearest wife Sheral, my Church members and not forgetting our dearest Ps. Octavio.

Chandan Sumaya

From death bed to the gym

Everyone calls me aunty Lobo, I am from Ambarnath (60 kms from Mumbai), I come from a Catholic background, in 1989 I had developed a goiter on my throat the size of a tennis ball and it was extremely painful it became unbearable as I couldn’t swallow food, the local doctors couldn’t really diagnose it so they referred me to Tata hospital in Mumbai, the biggest cancer hospital and their it was diagnosed as cancer, my children did not disclose the finding of the report to me, instead they took me to Pune (city about 200 kms from Mumbai) for a prayer meeting, Ps. Octavio used to have healing meetings every Saturday in Pune, that was the first time I saw Ps. Octavio, a fine young man filled with the Holy Spirit, demonstrating Gods power, after the word as he started ministering in the gifts, Ps. Octavio called out a word of Knowledge, that there is a woman here, who has throat cancer and God is healing her now, and at that very moment a kind of a current passed through me, as I dint know I had cancer, I supposed it was for some one else, after the meeting ended we went back to ambarnath, but the next day when I woke up and saw my Goiter had disappeared and I was able to swallow and eat food, my family were so overjoyed, they took me for the tests and all the tests showed no cancer the Lord Jesus Christ had healed me completely, there was no pain, no trace of cancer, only after that my family disclosed the report to me, immediately we some how managed to get Ps. Octavio’s No. and contacted him and told him about this wonderful miracle the Lord had done and asked him to come to Ambarnath to conduct meetings, to which he said he will pray about it and let us know and the Lord was merciful and told Ps. Octavio to start a church in Ambarnath, and soon such a mighty revival broke out in Ambarnath, many criminals were saved and many were healed and delivered and today Ps. Octavio has the Biggest church in Ambarnath, its been more than 20 years and I praise God that he added these 20 years to my life to serve Him and give Him all glory and honour.

Mrs. Lobo

The Cancer Goiter disappears

My name is Anne Periera, I was working as a stenographer with the Zenith company, in the year 1990, after the death of my mother I went in to a shock and got a paralysis stroke which left my entire body limp and bed ridden, I had become a vegetable due to which I lost my job and left no hope for me, the irony was I couldn’t even end my own life, I could do nothing, I was staring at a dark hole, I had already lost my husband and was staying with my mother, and now even she had left me, I was totally broken, alone and no one to take care of me, you cannot imagine those days, it was a trip to hell, but want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for having mercy on me and having a plan in my life, he sent His servant Ps. Octavio to pray for me, and when Ps. Octavio saw me, he was moved with passion and prayed fervently for God to heal me, after he prayed for me, Ps. Octavio held me and made me sit up and then said now you are going to walk, these words mean nothing to a person who has no strength in the legs, but he was very adamant and lifted me up and kept praying and said walk in the name of Jesus and after making me stand he helped me take a step forward and then the second, I was falling and couldn’t keep my balance, Ps. Octavio persisted and kept praying and making me walk and how wonderful our Lord Jesus is, as I took steps He strengthened my weak legs and I started feeling my legs and was able to walk, just in a couple of days all my signs of paralysis were reversed and I could step out of my house on my own, I went back to my company and they had me examined by their panel of doctors and they all certified me as no signs of paralysis and it was a great testimony to my colleagues and my job was restored, today its been almost 20 years and I am still fit and running around and even dancing for the Lord during the time of worship, I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for not forgetting me and Healing me completely also special thanks to Ps. Octavio, he indeed is a true servant of the most High God.

Anne Periera

From a bed ridden vegetable to dancing for Jesus – Paralysis healed

I am Mrs. Rajkumar, the Lord Jesus has done such a marvelous work in my family that even if I thank Him every breath of my life it wont be enough, He is a great God, Jehovah Rophe, our healer, we are a small family, me , my husband and my little son, living in Delhi the capital of India. In 2009 our world came crashing down as we three were diagnosed HIV positive, more than the disease it was the news that killed us, we were staring at certain death, my little child was also HIV positive and we couldn’t bear this, it was heart wrenching, as medically there was no hope for us, some one gave Ps. Octavio’s office number and asked us to contact him for prayer as we come from a Hindu background we did not know much about Jesus and His work on the cross, but when we spoke to Ps. Octavio, he said he was scheduled to come to Delhi and would surely visit us and pray for us, and when he came to Delhi, we met and he gave us the gospel, we surrendered our lives to Jesus then he prayed for us and asked us to believe that the Lord Jesus had healed us, we believed, before leaving he gave us the Bible and also gave instructions as to remain in Christ and how to keep our healing. When we got our tests done again, we were overjoyed to see the result negative, all 3 of us were healed of HIV, and we were so happy, we spoke to Ps. Octavio and gave him the good news and once again there was new meaning to life but that was short lived Ps. Octavio had instructed us and told us what to avoid but my husband made the fatal mistake of breaking the 1st commandment, which very clearly Ps. Octavio had told us to be careful about, but due to family pressures my husband succumbed to their emotional trap and gave legal ground to the devil and immediately he fell sick, we admitted him to the hospital and this time he was diagnosed with AIDS and he slipped in to coma, me and my child were healthy and fine but this time it was my husband only and that too with AIDS and in coma and as we all know it is a point of no return and just a matter of few hours as death is eminent within 48 hours. I called up Ps. Octavio and told him what had happened and appraised him of what my husband had done, Ps. Octavio said “ I had very clearly instructed but still why did he do that” but I pleaded him to pray for my husband, he told me go to my husbands bedside and to call him from there, when I called he said put the phone on my husbands ears and as I did it, he pleaded with God on behalf of my husband asking God to forgive his foolishness and heal him, then Ps. Told me to call every hour, I called him every hour and Ps. Octavio kept praying, we prayed like this for 8 hours and to God be all glory, for He is merciful and forgiving, the Lord Jesus healed my husband and he opened his eyes and regained consciousness, after which he was discharged and came home minus the AIDS.
Let the name of Jesus be praise for healing us of the dreaded HIV and my husband of AIDS.

Mrs. Rajkumar

AIDS fades, Glory to Jesus

Praise Jesus, my name is Thomas Fernandes, I am an entrepreneur, have a wonderful family, and am mighty blessed by God, 18 years back the story was totally different, I knew Ps. Octavio since childhood, we were classmates and after school days I had heard that Ps. Octavio’s life has changed and that he was serving God, and as we know God has his different plans and ways to work for our good, this was one of His divine works, I was completing my college as well as working and some how landed myself in a nervous breakdown and it was so bad that I could not hold a cup in my hands I would spill the coffee, I couldn’t remember anything that I had said a minute back, and I was sinking, when I remembered Ps. Octavio and found out his meeting address and went and met him, he was shocked to see my condition but assured me that the Lord Jesus will heal me and I would be normal after prayer, he led me to surrender my life to Jesus and then he prayed for me, and in just a few days I was absolutely normal, my performance at work improved drastically and was given bigger responsibility and position and had to travel many parts of the world, all glory to Jesus for the complete healing and raising me up to this level, today its been 18 years I am so blessed and there is no trace of nervous breakdown, praise be to the name of Jesus.

Thomas Fernandes

Healed of Nervous breakdown

Stuthi a five year old child was a rag picker in the rich city of Mumbai, due to poverty she was forced by her mother into the trade of rag picking for their survival. At a very young age she got addicted to tobacco (Ghutka). When children of her age used to go to school Stuthi used to go for rag picking. Living in an unhygienic way she was full of soars and used to speak all filthy language. Things became difficult when her mother passed away and Stuthi became an orphan with no one to take care. Being an orphan Stuthi was admitted to Preeti Sadan Children’s Home and things were no more the same. She was given medical aid and after counseling, much changes were seen in her. She was taught to read and write in English and now Stuthi who once upon a time was a rag picker with no interest in studies now goes to a English medium school studying in Std. 3rd and is a bright student scoring 87%. Sharon a girl who used to stammer was forced into begging at the age of eight. When she used to come back empty handed was beaten up badly leaving scars on her head and face with no food as punishment. Living this horrible life she decided to escape form those evil hands and got succeeded, but was left with no food and shelter. After she was found loafing on the streets was admitted in Preeti Sadan Children’s Home. She is being healed of stammering by our Lord Jesus Christ. Sharon attends a English Medium school studying in Std. 3rd, she is happy

Changed Lives